PUM 08.06.02-02.06.51

Since the 02.06.47:

* fixed problems with packaging of the OLE stuff within VASmalltalk
* Topaz code generator: fixed conversion code for multi-value enumerations
* VASmalltalk code generator: fixed conversion code for multi-value enumerations
* extjs codegenerator:
– some more structured output (sorted attributes and accessor methods)
– grid definition helper code for faster building of grid panels
– some errors fixed with the requires sections within models

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PUM 08.06.02-02.06.47

Just did my first packaging under 8.6.2 and published a new version. Due to some packaging bugs (see my posting at the VASmalltalk newsgroup) I had to create new packaging instructions.

Published at vastgoodies.com and a binary package under here

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Dolphin 7 is coming today …

…waiting for the repository to appear …

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PUM 08.06.02-02.06.46

Codegenerator “Topaz”:

Well, well … I had to create additional documentational information into the created access path methods … otherwise the programmer simply do not know, what the array of parameter means. The access path methods are helper methods to find an object along a path … just by knowing specific ids. Normally these informations are delivered with the REST methods … to help the implemented method to get access to the data wanted.

Another work has been done to give JSON the information how to serialize enumerations with multiple values (used as filter information). This is now controlled by the Multi Enum Values flag of each defined enum-based attribute.

The created source code for the index creation method had to be changed, because of name clashing between local variables and attribute variable names. Now these temporary variables begins with an “_”.

Published to vastgoodies.com

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PUM 08.06.02-02.06.45

Codegenerator “Topaz”:

The creation of the UUID unique object id was done (under Linux) by a special wrapping of a special Linux class. This was done due to a very slow gemstone implementation – but after doing some tests under MacOS I noticed, that this was not available there. In the meantime the implementation of UUID under Gemstone is pretty fast and therefore I use the built-in class to generate the key.

If the attribute value is based on an enumeration definition the user has now the possibility to have ONE or MULTIPLE enum members in one attribute – if the enumeration has been defined as a flag enumeration.

Codegenerator “ExtJS”:

The mixin was a dead-end. I removed the attempt from ealier versions. Now the user might check for a specific class, that a template mixin should be generated and the domain class should reference that mixin. Then then user might do whatever he wants to do with that mixin.

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Gemstone/S, Jade and Wine under MacOSX … working …

Well, its just a matter of testing and trying things out. The former tests were done by using the wine environment “Winery”. This seems to use an older wine implementation.

I restartet my tests using Dolphin with the “brew” new compiled wine version and created a new Dolphin Profession version image and imported the Jade source code, the wine patch and make a deployment (ALL under windows).

Then I transferred the deployment to MacOSX and run it and it works – the only problem seems to be a bad font in the GUI, but the code widget (Scintilla) has a correct font.

Therefore Jade is able to run under Wine/MacOSX

Jade 1.092 (wine patched)

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Gemstone/S, Jade and Wine under MacOSX … not working …

After solving my problems with Gemstone/S under MacOSX (it is now working) I tried to start Jade under Wine.

I followed the instructionas at objects-art (by the way – what does the counter means there or be more precise: what happens at 29.12.2015 at 16:00 CET ?) I got a running Dolphin version under Wine under MacOSX.

Then I also added the Jade source code (in that Wine pachted image) – but the Jade system is calling some libraries at OLE, which are not implemented under wine … for the login dialog.

So for now: no chance to make Jade run under Wine

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