Use SourceCode Generation !!

When I talked to other Smalltalkers in the past I more or less got the answer, that source code generation is bad programming style. Yes, with metaprogramming this is fine, but generating code from models – no, that’s not state of the art.

I still thinks, that this is a big problem for the community. Perhaps the Smalltalkers have a good IDE and lots of productivity, but other IDEs offer source code wizards and they use source generators very often. They win lots of productivity – and we could do it much better !

UMLDesigner is now about 10 years old and its GUI is perhaps not very nice, but it does it work. Using this tool also shows, that all the Smalltalk systems on the market simply lack support for interfaces and what other systems are offering.

VASmalltalk users should think about this – and also look at other Smalltalk IDEs. Especially ObjectStudio seems to be (for some years now) a step ahead of their friends ….

Here are some very interesting books about SourceCode Generation

  • Wiley, “Software Factories” from Greenfield, Short, Cook and Kent
  • Manning, “Code Generation in Action” from Herrington
  • APress, “Code Generation in Microsoft .NET” from Dollard
  • Hanser, “Einfach Generieren” from Michael + Susanne Klar
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