Old OpenGL3D code

This code has been published about 10 years ago by Jiro Yamamoto from ObjectLink, Inc. Actually I can not find him or this company any more. Originally it was working only against SGI libraries under Windows – but there was also code for interfacing the MS OpenGL libraries. I have to look for the original archive. I changed the original code to run – more or less – under VASmalltalk 7.52 using the OpenGL libraries.

Here are the information about the legal restriction for the original code:

The applications of Open3D whose name are prefixed by ‘Lw’ was ported from LearningWorks. The author of the original code is David Leibs, president of Neometron, Inc. The porting work and other part of Open3D except for SGI OpenGL DLLs are copyright (c) 1998, by YAMAMOTO Jiro. Permission for use of Open3D is granted if the use of this software is non-commercial and the user accepts full responsibility for any undesirable consequences; the authors accept NO LIABILITY for damages of any kind.

One of the problems are, that after starting VASmalltalk and try out some examples you get an exception. Try to run an example again and all is fine … it’s the same problem I have also with my own interface to the OpenGl libraries.


The original library is here:


You will at least need one dll from the original archive. This library controls the FPU behaviour. The library works (considering the error mentioned above) pretty well at work (XP-SP3, NVidia) – but at home (Vista-SP1, ATI) some codes are crashing.

But actually I’ve never found the original code anywhere on the net – therefore it should be made public again. Perhaps some people have interests to work on that code or to create a new one – without the GPL restriction

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