First experiences with LUA 5.1 (0.0.2)

LUA is a programming language and its main usage is to extend other languages for scripting purposes in main applications. The same idea as with Rexx and OS/2 (15 years ago) or OORexx (now). For Rexx there is a wrapper available from this site.

Two main resources (as books) are available for learning LUA:

  • Lua Reference Manul 5.1
  • Programmieren mit Lua (Programming in Lua) 2nd ed.

The LUA interpreter is locatred within two dll’s and these are based on the c runtime library of VS2005. Therefore the package contains this runtime-stuff also. But still then when calling from VASmalltalk (abt.exe) one gets an error, that the c-runtime library has been called NOT in a correct way.

After searching around I found out, that one has to put the manifest into the executable, which calls the LUA dll’s and then it is working. Therefore also a patched abt.exe has been included in this archive.

If you want to patch it by yourself you can do this by executing based on your own abt.exe:

mt /manifest Microsoft.VC80.CRT.manifest /outputresource:abt.exe;#1

The wrapper only wraps some API calls just to execute the Listing 24.1 from the book mentioned above testing the C API. More may follow


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