New books …

I was at the ESUG conference in Amsterdam and found two nice books, which may be interested to Smalltalkers …

* Hashing in Smalltalk – Theory and Practice by Andres Valloud

This book introduces into the problems of Hashing technology, a technology lots of programs depends on.

* Squeak by Example by Black, Ducasse, Nierstasz, Pollet

Introduction into programming in Smalltalk in Squeak and usage of the IDE and general programming concept.

Another book I found at Amazon:

* An introduction to Seaside – Developing Web Applications with Squeak and Smalltalk
by Perscheid, Tibbe, Beck, Berger, Osburg, Eastman, Haupt and Hirschfeld
(ISBN 978-3-00-023645-7)

An introduction into Seaside and in technologies around Seaside (persistency and all that).

It is often said, that the appearances of books about a topic shows a general increase of interest in this topic … perhaps we may hope, that Smalltalk will get increased publicity …

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