New Books …

Here are two other books I’ve looked at and found *very* interesting:

“Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture” by Martin Fowler

This is not a new book, but I manage to buy it now and it’s one of these book I really like to read and it the first book for some time now, where it seems, that I might read most of it (:-)). Actually a very good book with lots of interesting thoughts ! Topics covered in this book “mappings in relational databases”, “web presentations”, “concurrency”, “session state”, “distribution strategies”. The first part of this book covers each aspect in a more descriptive way, where the last book shows all the patterns used in the various topics.

“Coding for Fun” by Gottfried Wolmeringer

English title, but written in German. A book, which brings you back into computing history – with lots of things you may try out again (by using emulators). Smalltalk and Lisp is mentioned several times with lots of respect !

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