FreeImage Wrapper

I read – and have read in the past – a new request for handling multiple page tiff files. I looked at available libraries out there and found out, that “Freeimage” might help here. “FreeImage” is a good candidate, because it offers “standard calling” conventions, supported by VASmalltalk.

Here is a very early and simple wrapper for some API calls offered by this library. Only small tests have been done, but it can be used as a start:


This is a code example for opening a TIFF file and write out each page into a different file:

	"MSKFreeImageWrapper loadSingleTiffFileAndExportPages"
	| aWrapper freeImageFormatConstant ptrToFIMULTIBITMAP |

	aWrapper := MSKFreeImageLibraryWrapper new.

	(ptrToFIMULTIBITMAP := aWrapper
                                               openMultiBitmap: FIF_TIFF
                                               filename: 'fax2d.tif'
                                               createNew: false
                                               readOnly: true
                                               inMemory: true flags: 0) isAbtError ifFalse:[
		| nrOfPages |

		nrOfPages := aWrapper getPageCount: ptrToFIMULTIBITMAP .
		Transcript cr ; show: 'You find ',nrOfPages printString,' pages in this TIFF file'.

		0 to: nrOfPages - 1 do: [ :eachPageNumber |
			| ptrToFIBITMAP |

			(ptrToFIBITMAP := aWrapper
                                                      lockPageNumbered: eachPageNumber
                                                      inMultiBitmap: ptrToFIMULTIBITMAP) isAbtError ifFalse:[
				| sizeOfPicture memoryStream |

                                     save: FIF_TIFF
                                     bitmap: ptrToFIBITMAP
                                     filename: (eachPageNumber asString,'.tiff')
                                     flags: 0) ifTrue:[
					Transcript show: 'Exported page Nr. ',eachPageNumber printString.
                                     unlockPageBitmap: ptrToFIBITMAP
                                     inMultiBitmap: ptrToFIMULTIBITMAP
                                     changed: false	.
		aWrapper closeMultiBitmap: ptrToFIMULTIBITMAP  flags: 0

In addition to this wrapper code you actually need the freeImage dll downloadable from

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