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Corsa, Fiesta und Aygo … und eine Entscheidung

Es ist die Zeit der Abwrackprämie und wer kommt nicht auch auf die Idee, sein altes Auto durch ein neues Auto zu ersetzen. Wir auch – schon seit Monaten, aber nun ist es in der letzten Woche konkreter geworden und … Continue reading

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UMLDesigner 800-05

To do a right configuration is a hard work. Therefore a new configuration, which NOW should (!) work under 7.52 and 8.00: umldesigner-800-05

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PostgreSQL Wrapper

Adding all this support for the native binary result format is pretty hard. The reason is pretty simple: it is not documented. One has to query the conversion methods for each datatype from a running PostgreSQl database, then lookup the … Continue reading

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A new version is available. This version now works either with VA 8.00 beta 1 or VA 7.52. It also runs under Linux. I tested it using Ubuntu64 (with 32 bits libraries installed) and Windows XP-SP3. The repository also contains … Continue reading

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PostgreSQL – 0.0.10

Whenever a new project is started, one has to consider, how to get persistence of your objects. One typical way is to use relational databases and VA has support for ODBC, DB2 and Oracle databases. In commercial projects Oracle and … Continue reading

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PostgreSQL – some code

Today I started a new wrapper code for PostgreSQL. The upload contains code for connecting and disconnectng to/from databases and execute commands – nothing more. The result of queries are not available. But here is this early code – for … Continue reading

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FreeImage-Wrapper – Performance

I did some simple tests about performance about loading a picture file up to the point where the application gets a Smalltalk device independent image format. Tests were done using the “jpg”-format and a 1900x1200x24 picture. The results are: using … Continue reading

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