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LUAInterface 0.9

I’ve published a new source code version. The last version only worked against an own compiled LUA interpreter version. This has been changed – from version 0.9 on I develop against the “official” distributed Windows version. At this time it … Continue reading

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Rexx Wrapper 0.41

I’ve published a new wrapper for ObjectRexx (VASTGoodies), suitable for VASmalltalk 8.0. The wrapper has been tested under Windows against ObjectRexx 3.20. I did not do any tests against ObjectRexx 4.0 Beta. By the way – very strange for me … Continue reading

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VisualAge 8.0 is out … nice and bad …

Instantiations hold a virtual conference this week and on the first day, they announced, that VA 8.0 will be published that day. This is nice and bad. The bad thing is, that lots of errors in the Linux area have … Continue reading

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Sparkasse Westholstein schliesst Filialen – zum Wohle der Kunden ?

Ich kann es nicht mehr hören. Die Sparkasse schliesst Filialen – natürlich nur zum Wohle der Kunden. Diese absolut freisten Behauptungen sind einfach frech und es wundert mich, dass die Leute nicht einfach mehr Leserbriefe schreiben, um ihre Wut auszudrücken. … Continue reading

SQLite 3.6.13 wrapper available

I created a new version of this wrapper library. This version now runs against the official dynamic link library 3.6.13 from the author of SQLite. Available from: VASTGoodies

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PostgreSQL(0.0.39) – new features

Several new API calls have been wrapped and lots of bugs have been fixed. New API calls – Encoding Some API calls have been wrapped to get/set information about the current connection client encoding style. MSKPSQLInterface>>currentClientEncodingString: anID This method returns … Continue reading

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PostgreSQL(0.0.39) – new structure

I changed the structure of the MSKPostgreSQL project. I created an additional application (and configuration map) named “MSKPostgreSQLAbtDBMLayer”, where all source code is located to make the wrapper compatible with the VASmalltalk database layer.

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