Rexx Wrapper 0.41

I’ve published a new wrapper for ObjectRexx (VASTGoodies), suitable for VASmalltalk 8.0.

The wrapper has been tested under Windows against ObjectRexx 3.20. I did not do any tests against ObjectRexx 4.0 Beta.

By the way – very strange for me is, that ObjectRexx 4.0 now gets a new (additional) C++ APi interface. Ok, they also support the old interface, but actually its getting more difficult to embed Rexx within its own -non C++ application.

One word of caution: do not do any tests with future calls with this wrapper. The callbacks (coming from an asynchronous callout) WILL crash VASmalltalk.

If you have subcommand handlers or exit handlers within your Rexx system – do NOT do future calls. In all other cases you may use future calls.

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