VirtualImage – Smalltalk 1109

Here is my next Smalltalk image – useable under VirtualBox: Smalltalk1109.

This image uses Ubuntu 9.10 and offers several Smalltalk dialects to play with:

* VASmalltalk 8.01 (Build 130) (Linux and Windows) – actually 8.01 has been published yesterday :-(, but then it will be come up at smalltalk1209, published next month.
* VisualWorks 7.6NC (Linux)
* Smalltalk/X (Linux)
* Pharo (Linux)

The main user for this machine is named “smalltalk” with password “smalltalk”. The image is pretty large: 2.4 GB. I hope, that the upload went ok.

You may spread this image on all servers you like – even your own.

There’s a short document available on the Desktop of that user – just read it to get more information, what is on this image.

The next release will be in December containing

* VA8.01 (Windows and Linux),
* Squeak (Linux)
* Pharo (Linux and Windows)
* Smalltalk/X (Linux and Windows)

* SQLite (3.6.20 Windows, 3.6.9 Linux and 3.6.20 Linux)
* PostgreSQL 8.4.1 (Linux with native Windows client libraries)

Depending on Cincoms’ release plan:

* ObjectStudio 8.1NC (or 8.2NC) (Problems with menus … not solvable)
* VisualWorks 7.6NC (Windows and Linux) (or 7.7.NC)

using Debian 5.0.3 and Wine 1.1.33.

Special problems so far:

* ObjectStudio can be installed, is starting up – but all menues are transparent and therefore difficult to use.

* Dolphin can be installed, is starting but some Windows are empty and walking around results in general case to a fault.

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