VASmalltalk, Wine and Mac OSX

I got my first Christmas present on Wednesday – a Mac Mini, running under Mac OS X. I never had a Macintosh computer before and therefore its a complete new world for me.

My first impression was: nice and smart. Installation went pretty well, but the Mac Mini smells after opening in the air like cheap plastic.

After the first evening I started to look for development tools – first I looked for Smalltalk.


The windows version is in general runnable under Wine under Mac OSX 10.6. I was not able to run the normal installation, but I zipped my original Windows based installation and copied the installation under the “Wine Files” folder under my Mac account.

Then I changed abt.ini according to my Mac Wine settings and copies abt.icx and abt.ini into the bin folder.

Then the system started without problems, connecting to ENVY working without problems.

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