PUMModeller, CodeManagement

PUMModeller is a Modelling software – originally written to produce C# code. The C# code generator is also included, but pretty useless, because the C# runtime source code is not available.

I now did dome further work on a plain VASmalltalk code generator and also added a plain VASmalltalk runtime.

PUMModeller – by the way – means PoorUsersModeller. We wrote this tool several years ago, because we did not find any code generating tool for VisualStudio 2002/2003 and we were not allowed to buy a Rational tool or another in the prica area. That was the reason for writing it.

When you load the configuration map “CodeManagement” all the needed stuff is loaded. You may start the modeller by looking at the “Tools”-menu, where you may find an additional menu entry named “PUM Modeller (MSK Version)”. This menu entry starts the tool.

To have nice icons you must download some icons and put them into a bitmaps directory of your VA installation. Download the icons from Icon-Files.

The tool may be downloaded from vastgoodies

Some additional documentation will follow, some additional vidoes might also follow.

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