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Vector Arithmetic – Primitives Examples

As an example I want to show, how I write primitives to enhance the speed of vector arithmetic. I created a new subclass of OSFloat: MSKOSFloat64Vector, which should be used as a n-dimensional vector. I also created a special class … Continue reading

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Vector Arithmetic using Primitives

When we were talking about OpenGL we looked at other solutions and what you need is very simple: you need mostly 3-dimensional or 4-dimensional vectors – and these vectors are mainly given to the OpenAPI’s. Sometimes only one instance, but … Continue reading

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Primitives or platform functions …

All modern Smalltalk implementations have a way to interact with functions written in other languages – at least when these other languages support c calling conventions. The reasons for calling those external function may be needed to get additional functionality … Continue reading

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Ship Viewing in Brokdorf und am Kanal

Ich habe mal die Filmmaterialien aufbereitet und veröffentlicht: Queen Mary 2 in Hamburg und in Brokdorf: Norwegian Dream im Nord-/Ostseekanal:

Stimmbezirk in Husum – Kopfschütteln angebracht ?

Diese Fragen muss man sich stellen, wenn man das Ergebnis der Nachzählung in dem entsprechenden Wahlbezirk betrachtet. Wurde da nicht nachgezählt ? Da werden natürlich gleich die Befürworter der Wahlcomputer kommen – obwohl: dort könnte man überhaupt nicht nachzählen. Ist … Continue reading

VisualWorks 7.7, ObjectStudio 8.1/8.2 under WINE …

While preparing the Smalltalk appliance 0110 I tried to make VisualWorks 7.7 (Windows) and ObjectStudion 8.1/8.2 (Windows) to run under Linux (Debian 5.0) using WINE. Actually the programs seem to work pretty well – but one problems have both of … Continue reading

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ESUG 2002, Talk from Dave Thomas about Smalltalk

At ESUG 2002 Dave Thomas hold a talk about Smalltalk. I found this one while backup my MiniDV cassettes – therefore here most of the talk – in a small 177×288 video: Video in iPhone-cell format

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