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Smalltalk 01/2010 – Virtual

Ok, the next image is ready. This image is now running under Debian 5 and when asked for a user you may enter the user name “smalltalk” with password “smalltalk”. The following Smalltalks are installed: * Smalltalk/X 5-4-6 (Windows) * … Continue reading

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OpenCL API wrapper for VASmalltalk

After working on my primitive project I start having a closer look to OpenCL – a computational environment for graphics cards. Both comapnies – ATI and Nvidia – are offering support for OpenCL 1.0 on their graphic cards. But not … Continue reading

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Vector Arithmetics – 0.7a

A new version has been published with new version of primitives – therefore you need both: the Smalltalk code and the new library. With this version you have base arithmetics (+, -, *, /) and some mixture between scalar/vector and … Continue reading

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