Smalltalk 01/2010 – Virtual

Ok, the next image is ready. This image is now running under Debian 5 and when asked for a user you may enter the user name “smalltalk” with password “smalltalk”.

The following Smalltalks are installed:

* Smalltalk/X 5-4-6 (Windows)
* Smalltalk/X 5-4-6 (Linux)
* VASmalltalk 8.01 (Linux)
* VASmalltalk 8.01 (Windows)
* ObjectStudio 8.1 (Windows) – to show the problems with menus
* VisualWorks 7.7 (Linux)
* VisualWorks 7.7 (Windows) – to show the problems with menus

On the Desktop you find icons to start each Smalltalk. Before using VASmalltalk 8.01 you must start the emsrv server. The Linux and Windows version of VASmalltalk are working against the same emsrv server.

Download Link has been removed due to open legal questions …..

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