OpenGL Wrapper – new version

I’m happy to announce a new version of an OpenGL wrapper library for VASmalltalk. My very, very (!!!) special thanks to Sebastian Heidbrink, who took my original code and did a complete rewrite of the GUI/widget layer and made it work in a more robust way.

I’ve published it at vastgoodies and hope, that users might find it useful.

The wrapper is now based on several configuration maps. The users should look at the maps “MSKOpenGLSupport Runtime Loading” and “MSKOpenGLSupport Examples” and all their prerequisites.

To load the OpenGL wrapper you should load the first map, for examples of usage of this wrapper you might load the later one. The map with examples are pretty large – due to embedded resources of images.

There will also be a “MSKOpenGLSupportRuntime Vector Loading” in the future. This map loads the runtime, but with the basic OpenGL data types based on my vector extension.

For building GUI’s with OpenGL you will find an OpenGL container based on a top level shell and another widget for usage in the CompositionEditor. Examples are available to show how to use these classes.

Today we published the version 0.7 at the repository mentioned above.

Known issues:

– on some computers there is a problem with opening a valid OpenGL windows when doing it for the first time. I have a 0.7.3 version here, where I could get rid of it.

– we will do changes in all the parts of the code we published.

The last image shows the stuff running under Linux/Wine also !

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