Wrapper for FreeFuzzyLogicLibrary (FFLL)

Some of the most interesting books on the market are books about programming/creating computer games. This is due to the reason, that high-ended computer games are very often using state-of-the-art algorithms or trying new stuff. Books about computer games very often covers several topics – and are therefore pretty general computer books.

One of the books I bought inthe past was an eight year old book “AI Game Programming Wisdom Vol 1” by Steve Rabin – which can be seen as a bible about computer games AI stuff.

Within this book Michael Zarozinski introduced an open-source Free Fuzzy Logic Library – and gave some examples how to use it. Beside the fact, that there is in general a C++ library around this FFLL, it also has a plain C-based API with only a few calls.

The wrapper I published is only a wrapper – nothing more – to play with this library. In general the author say, that when developing the fuzzy logic model one might use a FuzzyLogic viewer and write down a fuzzy logic model using the Fuzzy Control Language (text editor) and then simply feed the library with that model and look, hwo it reacts.

The wrapper has been published at VastGoodies

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