DVD-Drive not recognized any more under W7

Ha – now I have the first point, where W7/64 is worse than Linux. I do not know why, but actually W (Vista, XP and expecially W7) seem to be able NOT to register your DVD drive.

I’ve installed a GH22NS50 drive from LG used unter SATA – and the BIOS knows about this drive, Linux recognizes this drive – but my Windows 7 does NOT recognizes this drive.

PS.: I like these hours playing around with my hardware – useless time. LG mentioned – update the firmware. How can one update the hardware, if windows does not offer this drive …
Ok, I think, that I solved it. I managed to see the drive – after I removed all those lowestFilter and highestFilter. I also removed iTunes – but all that was not really the problem ? I changed the all the cables and that all drives had to use different motherboard SATA connectors – that leads to the problem, that Windows 7 was not able to boot any more – but actually after that – all my three DVD drives were there …
BUT accessing the LG drive – the explorer freezes – boring stuff. Even the firmware updater was not able to access the drive in this situation. Then reboot again and the FIRST job was to start the firmware updating software. Then a reboot again and now the situations is much better !

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