VASTForum 2010, Stuttgart – GetYourProjectBackToShape – Video

Next video recorded at VASTForum 2010 in Stuttgart has been rendered (from Joachim Tuchel) (~380 MB):

Full abstract of talk: Many Smalltalk projects have a history of 10-15+ years, and they suffer from the same problem: after the initial phases of the project have been completed, new techniques and tools are frequently not adopted. Although the reasons for lack of change can be well-intentioned, the irony is that many of these techniques – like automatic builds, unit tests, refactoring and more – come from Smalltalk projects that were developed by Smalltalkers. Joachim will show a few such techniques and tools that can increase your productivity in development, team collaboration, quality assurance and deployment. By changing a few habits, you can significantly affect deliverables and make your life easier. Don’t be shy, there’s no rocket science involved!

Get your project back to shape

Have fun !

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