VASmalltalk – First code for SQLite/Glorp support

I wrote some initial code to get direct Glorp support for my MSKSQLite wrapper. To admit several tests are still failing – either by pure errors, some are failing, because SQLite does not understand the SQL syntax and some are still failing, because I do not know, how the system should really work – but lots of tests are working and to my surprise lots of code from the MSKSQLite wrapper could be used.

Due to the fact, that Glorp is pretty closed I had to change the system Glorp application to make things work. I understand, when people do not like that – but otherwise I would not be able to execute my tests.


  • First you should load the feature “ST:Database, ODBC Glorp Testing”. That will bring us a working database system with tests etc …
  • Then load the map “MSKSQLiteGlorpSupport” (with required map). This loads the SQLite wrapper and the modifies Glorp system
  • Then load the changed tests via the config map “GlorpTest” MSK version

Now you have all the changed code installed and we have to change some global variables:

  • In GlorpDatabaseLoginResource class>>defaultLogin. The code has been changed to use the SQLiteLogin. Be aware, that the global should have an instance of Login initialised like in GlorpDatabaseLoginResource class>>defaultSQLite3Login
  • In DefaultDatabaseAccessor class>>classForThisPlatform: execute “DefaultDatabaseAccessor := MSKSQLiteDatabaseAccessor” just to make sure, that Glorp IS using the new classes for Glorp support.

After that you may have a look at these Glorp tests …. please remember: early, early test code !!! The code will be uploaded to vastgoodies

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