VASmalltalk – MSKJSONWrapper and Linux

With the version 0.26 I published today to vastgoodies support is available for Linux.

Some changes had to be made to the external interface specifications (different function names) and the user must now decide, if he wants to work in a pure UTF8 environment (which makes sense under Linux) or in a code page environment (where the system tries to convert each string from UTF8 to current code page and vice versa). One must remember, that the JSON C libary only parses UTF8 based character stream.

I had to compile the original C-json library and build a shared library for Linux. Actually I had no idea how to do this, but the (german) book “Linux – Unix – Programmierung: Das umfassende Handbuch” gives a good description of that.

The name of the (Linux) shared library is “” and is now included in the source code archive downloadable from my site at

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