VASmalltalk and Christmas Time …

Hello Santa Claus at Instantiations,

now Christmas is coming and Santa Mike (aaaeeehh, John — no, no no I get it now: it’s Santa Claus) told me, that I get no Christmas present this year before Christmas — no new version at Christmas. Seems to be a boring time at the end of this year …

Santa Mike told me, that they had a successful year 2010 – that’s good to hear. It’s also good to know, that Santa John has now a new staff member – helping him, that next Christmas we get a much more enhanced version of this wonderfull product.

Before you start working on my next Christmas present 2011 please read my wish list:

I would like to get/have

* that with 8.03 we get a pretty stable and up to date Seaside implementation with easy packaging management
* to get an up to date version of Glorp
* to get updated database drivers offering newest features of supported database products
* to get support for at least one open database (eh – what about Postgresql ?).
* to get support for LTS versions of Ubuntu. Actually nothing had to be done – at least I have no see major problems – to make VA runnable under 10.10. But the problems with the latest LTS version (10.04.1) are not going to be solved any more.
* I would like to see a good Linux client, which is a pleasure to work with and does not look like a product somewhere located between Englebart and Smalltalk’72.
* a solution to these problems with source code management among different clients with different code pages
* to have more UTF-8 support
* a new management/developer process making it possible to get earlier access to new versions of Glorp and Seaside – and no need for waiting for next releases in these cases
* even for the most important platform (Windows) we have a complicating installation process
* the – even from the community wished – long awaited open bug databases (Frankfurt !)
* enhanced GUI support for Windows and Linux
* support for Macintosh
* support for better IPCs: either with .NET code, Java code or C
* support for better and asynchronous call-in into Smalltalk independent from the GUI thread
* support for multi-processors and/or multi-threading
* support for interfaces within the Smalltalk language or system.
* much brighter activities at conferences and a better support (activity) via Instantiations forum
* a way for project control with external resources (bitmaps), automatically build management
* easier way of building runtime images (headless and headfull)
* some kind if Intellisense when typing code
* a much better kind of GUI, which make source code browsing within the system even more productive
* enhancements in the GUI builder part: do not store things in the repository, but as source code … make it even more powerful

and perhaps a large Christmas man made out of chocolate for all customers


Happy Greetings and a Wonderful Christmas (please do not forget my wishes)!

PS.: I know it is not that kind to have such a large wish list – but I’m using Smalltalk now for more than 20 years (I got my first Smalltalk present from Santa Georg here in Dortmund for my Atari ……. that’s history !) and when I have counted correctly there are only 23 wishes on my list – one for each year …. that should be ok.

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2 Responses to VASmalltalk and Christmas Time …

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  2. Joachim says:


    even if VAST 8.0.3 is not coming this year (John’s definition of days in November has a reputation of being somewhat flexible 😉 ) , I guess the Fischertechnik project will absolutely benefit from you not being distracted by installing new VA versions 😉

    So there is good news in these bad news.

    About your list: I agree on almost everything and am happy to see I am not the only one waiting for these things to come.

    One addition:
    I wish for a few courageous steps towards productivity enhancements to the editing environment.

    The thought of using VAST to write Cocoa Applications is so sweet…

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