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ERROR: Cannot determine the location of the VS Common Tools folder.

When you get this error … something got really broken. I do not know the reason how I got this error – but actually an installation of some development tools are the reason for this …. Microsoft looks for the … Continue reading

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Old Software, Old Hardware in Computing History …

From time to time I search throughout the Internet to look for historical movies/documents about old computing machines or old software. These movies have been available for a long time – I just want to remember them again. You may … Continue reading

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VASmalltalk – Partitioning Smalltalk Code with ENVY

Just as a reminder, that this old article from Bobby Woolf may still be interesting for today VASmalltalk developer: Partitioning Smalltalk Code into ENVY/Developer Components And another page at that host why Smalltalk may have all these acceptance problems: WhyIsSmalltalkDead … Continue reading

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VASmalltalk – Windows 8 support and ARM ?

The upcoming new Windows version will produce lots of work for all those virtual machine needed for running Smalltalk: Microsoft announced to support ARM based system. Therefore Cincom, ObjectArts and Instantiations: what about support for this new processor (perhaps even … Continue reading

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VASmalltalk – Intellisense

tc asked about Intellisense in VASmalltalk. Perhaps I would do it in another way – and I have already done some work in this direction. * first I would concentrate on two platforms: Linux and Windows. Solaris (Sparc) is more … Continue reading

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