VASmalltalk – Intellisense

tc asked about Intellisense in VASmalltalk.

Perhaps I would do it in another way – and I have already done some work in this direction.

* first I would concentrate on two platforms: Linux and Windows. Solaris (Sparc) is more or less on the way fading away – simply due to the fact, that after SUN was bought by Oracle I see no other real important Sparc source any more. Well and Solaris und i386 is not supported by VA.
* then I would use a native control and I would use Scintilla for this new browser. I think, that Dolphin also used this control.

At vastgoodies I published first code to wrap this control and I think, that the performance of this widget is very good (suitable for large colored methods) and the look and feel is also very good.

And the control supports all features I need: coloring syntax and syntax formatting support, pop-up menu support suitable for intellisense and folding support (which may not be needed for VA). License is free and suitable for a product.

Ok, due this control I see no real technical control oriented problems – but I was more investigating on the possibility to annotate my methods to give Intellisense a more concrete information. I looked at the pragma support introduced with 8.0.2, but they are very restrictive in terms of syntax and usability.

This domain gives me more problems than just the control.

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