Old Software, Old Hardware in Computing History …

From time to time I search throughout the Internet to look for historical movies/documents about old computing machines or old software. These movies have been available for a long time – I just want to remember them again.

You may search for “Personal Computing_ Historic Beginnings” a key note held by Alan Kay about the history of invention of Personal Computing.

Several movies are from the Digibarn computer museum about old Xerox systems:

A music system called “Mockingbird” – running on a Dorado.

And here a movie about the final (pretty entertaining) demo in the year 1998 of the Xerox Star.

At Digibarn you will find several additional videos about Alto and all those old Xerox machines.

And if you have perhaps read “Bootstrapping” you may also like to see “The Mother of All Demos” held in 1968. The videos are available at http://www.youtube.com or you may see it here

After seeing all these movies and texts around these historical machines I send eMails to Georg Heeg and Cincom if it would be possible to publish old Smalltalk-80 implementation free for personal use – just to make sure, that this material is not getting lost (e.g. the implementation for Atari-ST and perhaps an old version for the PC). I also ask if it would be possible to get a runnable system with the Analyst programmed in Smalltalk in the eighties.

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3 Responses to Old Software, Old Hardware in Computing History …

  1. Toby says:

    Apple made several releases of Smalltalk-80 for the Macintosh, during the 1980s. Harvey Alcabes was the product manager for a while.

  2. Hans-Martin says:

    The first published Squeak images are still available and are pretty close to what a Smalltalk-80 system originally felt like – especially if you use only monochrome graphics.
    I don’t know whether the Atari implementation can be made available (that would be Cincom’s decision, and since lawyers most likely would be involved, this could take some time).
    IIRC, The Analyst will not be released as open source (or even licensed for a reasonable fee), we already asked the owners of the software quite some time ago and the answer was pretty clear on that. It’s a pity.

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