VASmalltalk – External Resources

Ok, the MSKResourceManager has been uploaded to and its doing its first work: Importing into and exporting from ENVY.

After loading the configuration map from that site you may start the GUI of that tool via “Tools/MSK ResourceManager”. Via this tool you may manage (add, remove, update) each resource. A resource is more or less an external file (e.g. NLS files, dynamic link libraries or bitmaps).

If you want to have external resources within an application you define a new subclass of #MSKApplicationResources in this application. After this, the application is visible in the GUI tool and you can add the external resources to your application.

Actually the resources themselves are stored as inherited user fields in the application/subapplication class and not in the resource class itselfs.

If you want to export a single resource you may select the single resource (check off “recursive”)  and press the “export” button.

When you check “recursive” and press the “export” button, then ALL resources of that application will be exported AND in all prerequisites application will be looked for another resource classes. That means, that you can export all external resources of your project.

You may wonder, why I have introduced these resource classes ? (one could also do the whole in the subapplication/application structure). In a future version I want to be able to export the resources not only into the external filesystem – but also as Smalltalk code into these resources classes.


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