VASmalltalk – NLS cat Editor – UTF8 storage

I updated the NLS cat editor yesterday and introduced a so-called UTF8 storage mode.

I needed this mode, because I develop in my native language – German – and then I also write all my messages in my methods during the first steps in German.

Because I mostly develop under Windows – with its own code page – before creating images for Linux for public usage, I have all these nice problems with German Umlauts. With Seaside this problem became even more viewable – reading the HTML pages with nonreadable UTF8 characters …

The UTF8 storage mode is pretty simple – you enter your text for the message key and when you press save, the editor converts it from the active code page into UTF8 and stores it as UTF8 in the cat file. This is a big help, when developing under Windows – under Linux you already have UTF8 as the active codepage and therefore you do not need any conversions at all.

A small NLS framework for Seaside/VA using this infrastructure is on its way.

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