VASmalltalk – Initial zLib wrapper

I needed initial support for in-memory compression/uncompression. Though I had wrapped this stuff already in my FreeImage library wrapper I wanted to have a standalone wrapper with a much smaller shared library (the freeImage library is a pretty large library with > 1 MB size).

Therefore I wrapped four functions within “zlibwapi.dll” to get initial support for compression/uncompression: compress. compress2, compressBound and uncompression. These functions are identical in behaviour like for example the wrapped call “compress”, which is also available in MSKFreeImageLibraryWrapper>>”apiZlibCompress:targetSize:source:sourceSize:”. But additional I added a high level Smalltalk interface

The wrapped library (for Windows) is included as a resource in the repository, when you download it from vastgoodies. You therefore may use the ResourceManager to extract the file from the repository.

This is work in development …

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