VASmalltak – NLS cat Editor – KeyAsContent Mode

When working with my NLS cat editor you may have notive the tab page named “Pragma”.

When switching to this tab page, the software creates Smalltalk source code suitable for a pragma method in Smalltalk building a pool dictionary holding the values of the cat file you are actually editing.

The tool created source code for “managed” NLS messages, that means – the structure used to hold the messages automatically loaded when starting an image.

That means, when you use a key of this pool dictionary within your source code – actually the message string (in your preferred locale) will be at your hands. That is good, when working with (fat) client applications, because they are normally working with ONE locale at a time.

When working with Seaside you can not use this mode, because you have multiple sessions at the same time and each session may run in a different locale. You then have to work with unmanaged messages.

In this access case a key of this pool dictionary only helds the name of the message you want to use – therefore the shown PRAGMA source code (in the tab page PRAGMA) looks pretty different. This is the mode “KeyAsContent”, which is now available with 1.10 of MFNLSManagament at

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