VASmalltalk – SeasideNLS Extension

As perhaps noticed in my last posting, when working with Seaside you may not be able to use the built-in NLS mechanism for managed messages.

Instead of this you may work with unmanaged messages and support for this mode has been added to the NLS Editor.

In addition to this I published first versions of MSKSeasideNLSExtension – a small extension to the NLS code and Seaside code within VASmalltalk. In these extension your component may held a message dictionary in the instance of the component in the current locale hold by the session object of that component.

The programming idea is, that each component (or multiple) are getting their messages from one cat file.

A global resource manager helds one instance of a pool dictionary for each (cat-filename, language name, territory name, code page) quadruble. The components get local access to these pools and therefore no much space is wasted.

In addition to this MSLSeasideNLSExample is also published showing how this works in a practical example. Included in this config map is an example cat file for the example Seaside page showing ONE message in two different languages.

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