VASmalltalk – ICU: NumberFormating and Searching

With version 0.0.28 published yesterday I removed support for the VA-think-so codepage (e.g. 819 – see earlier postings) and now only converters for system platform and utf8 are available when starting the ICU wrapper – that should do the work.

Boring stuff like Number (currency) formating/parsing has been wrapped and first steps in the area of searching has been done.

After numerous postings around ICU lots of work has been done, but still some main areas are still untouched:

* external resources (pictures, texts, ….)
* locale oriented stream/file stuff
* regular expressions (locale oriented)

and then of course: get experience with this wonderful new stuff and create a solid Smalltalk interface, which also offers speed and Smalltalk feeling.

Streaming means: UnicodeCharacter offering storage room for 32bit values. Characters under VA are “only” offering 16bits. Perhaps in the first step a very simple non-immediate (storage) class has to be created just to show how it can work. Perhaps Instantiations comes up with a 32 bit character class later in their system ….

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