VASmalltalk – ICU, UDateFormat

To my surprise is ws not possible to create the original DateAndTime printString format.

It turns out, that ICU is able to create an ISO8601 compatible string for the time zone offset value (e.g. “+0100” is a valid zone description) – but RFC3339 says, that one should use another version of ISO8601: “+01:00”.

Therefore I added an optional block attribute to UDateFormat to be able to build your own string format …

I used this feature to create the VASmalltalk DateAndTime output format. You get this special formater instance via “UDateFormat vaStyle” and you here the source how it is defined:

"^ this creates the original Timestamp format used by VASmalltalk	"
| anUDateFormat |
anUDateFormat :=
    openTimeStyle: UDAT_IGNORE
    dateStyle: UDAT_IGNORE
    locale: nil
    zoneName: nil
    pattern: 'YYYY-MM-dd''T''HH:mm:ss.SSS'.
"here is the definition of the block, creating the 'correct' zone offset format"			
anUDateFormat formatBlock: [:anUtf16String :anUCalendar :aUDateFormat | 
  | offsetDuration writeStream |

  offsetDuration := anUCalendar offset.
  writeStream := WriteStream on: String new.
    nextPut: (offsetDuration hours < 0 ifTrue: [$-] ifFalse: [$+]);
    nextPutAll: (offsetDuration hours asString leftPaddedTo: 2 with: $0);
    nextPut: $:;
    nextPutAll: (offsetDuration minutes asString leftPaddedTo: 2 with: $0).
  anUtf16String , writeStream contents].

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