VASmalltalk – ICU, version 0.1.5

I’ve just published version 0.1.5 at It is nothing more than a normal snapshot of my actual work – and is under heavy development.

I added the dll mskunicode.dll as a resource to this configuration map. As I mentioned in an earlier posting: this library is needed to store a full unicode character value into an instance of class Character. You have to export the library from that map into your bin directory of your VASmalltalk system (-> MSKResourceManagement and MSKResourceManagement runtime).

Heavy changes were done to the unicode oriented string classes: they have been replaced by Utf8String, Utf16String and Utf32String and they are not a subclass of DBString any more.

Now I have to program the well known String interface in those classes, which will take some time.

Many more tests have been added and the C-API wrapper code is under rework – simply because a simple (general usage) error has been introduced in lots of calls (which may result in too many allocated memory).

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