VASmalltalk – Connection to Common LISP systems …

I had the idea to play with a Common Lisp system from VA and decides to build a minimal wrapper around the Common Lisp implementation ECL under Windows.

Under the application MSKECLTestsAndResourcesApp I have included a precompiled ecl.dll for use under Windows. Actually you should build your own machine using the sources available from their Home Page.

The wrapper itself is under the application MSKECLWrapper. Code is available at VASTGoodies

Copy “ecl.dll” to your running VASmalltalk image and then you may execute code like:

| readableResult result |

"Initialize the ECl subsystem"

"evaluate the object structure defined by a string"
result := '(+ 1 1)' eclExecute.

"from the result create a printable presentation"
readableResult := result asString.

"close the lisp enviroment"

readableResult inspect

and as you know: 1 + 1 = 2, therefore a “2” is shown as result.

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