VASmalltalk – UTF8, DBString and Seaside …

The more you work with Seaside under VA, the more problems are there.

Joachim showed an Ajax example, which runs under Pharo but fails under VA. The reason is missing UTF8 support in VA/Seaside (actually this has nothing to do with the missing support for Unicode by VA).

Now I wrote a little demo, which presented content from RSS feeds. And via calling these feeds you may get true Unicode characters and rendering them on my own HTML page I found, that instances of DBString simply breaks your application.

Another problem I again noticed, that the source code within ENVY in NOT UTF8 among all platforms – this gets pretty worse, if you do multi-platform programming (Developing under Windows, deploying under Linux).

These problems are discussed at Instantiations forum and I’m very interested to see the reactions from them.

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