VASmalltalk – ICU 0.3.0

the ICU wrapper enters a 0.3.x version number and I changed pretty much and therefore it breaks the compatibility of 0.2.x:

* class hierarchy has been changed:

1) Instances of Utf8String should only be used for documentation-like purposes. Instances of this class MUST be UTF8 encoded and therefore should not be used, when doing unicode (-codePoints) oriented output.

2) a new class USBString has been introduced (Unicode SingleByte String), which is the starting class now for the programmer. Instances of this class now switch on demand to instances of Utf16String or Utf32String.

3) Now with (2) I have also a good support for streaming stuff. Therefore if you need a stream: (WriteStream on: USBString new) will do the work.

With all these changes I was able to build a working GRVASTUtf8Codec,GRVASTUtf8CodecStream and UTF8TextConverter – needed for Seaside under some circumstances.

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