VASmalltalk – IC oriented server

I’m now working on a pure IC based headless Seaside server and the work is more or less getting more stable over the last weeks.

I’ve partitioned the base system in only a few ICs (to reduce management work):

kernel – the kernel of the system. base product
kernelext – additional kernel stugg. base product
xml – XML and SGML support. base product
net – networking and SST. base product and TobSocket from totallyobjects
grease – grease layer. patched base product
seaside – seaside layer. patched base product
seasiderss – seaside rss layer. base product

additional stuff

mskext – extensions – several published stuff from me
icu – Unicode support
announce – announcement package
messagepack – message pack
mskseasideext – NLS management under Seaside
googlechart – google chart
raphael – raphael
jqmob – jquery mobile
json – my JSON support
couchdb – couchDB support

seasidestarter – general seaside starter application

The seasidestarter is a general application – configurable via ini file – to load, initialize and start seaside oriented applications located in IC files. It also contains a Seaside (jquery mobile) oriented application to restart the whole application and in a next step to update itselfs from an update server.

I am working on other Smalltalk libraries to add them to this list, but have to make them headless ready. Actually a new eMan version is done and headless ready, a headless version of “Tenacity OODB” and the next candidate is Sebastians port of HighChart.

The main problem in this IC area is still missing tools support: much more help must be available, when a base component has been changed and all depending config maps have to be found and then the cascading changing maps up to the main application config map.

Then of course: load the complete configuration map of an application in a passive image and create ALL needed ICs (including the base ICSs).

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