STIC’12 – Dart keynote as attraction …

I read this announcement at Cincom and something inside said to me, that this is somehow strange.

On the one side you can say, that this is a general conference and it is good to have presentations about other topics. We have to face with other technolgies every day – so it’s ok.

On the other hand it’s a conference about Smalltalk, featuring the strenght of Smalltalk and its various implementations – and one of the keynotes is about a different programming language !?

I think about an Oracle-oriented conference and how it would be, if – as a keynote – the wonderful, new world of CouchDB or the new features of DB2 are presented. Nobody would even think about it.

As I said … somehow strange …

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4 Responses to STIC’12 – Dart keynote as attraction …

  1. Sebastian says:

    Yes, that’s strange indeed!

    This will definitely be a very interesting talk, and there is somehow a link between Dart and Smalltalk. I’m indeed very interested in that keynote.

    But,…. this is the very first announcement of any kind of content of the awaited agenda of STS2012.
    Doesn’t Smalltalk, the community, the Smalltalk vendors have anything new or representable to show, or tell?

    That’s not strange,…. that’s somehow sad.

    Or, there’s no need to be sad. Maybe there will be an announcement of something terrific, that might outshine Google Dart.

    Anyhow, there’s just one way to find out! One has to register for STS2012

    CU in Biloxi!

  2. Carl Gundel says:

    I agree this is strange. It should not be a keynote of the conference. Didn’t Gilad say somewhere that Dart support keyword syntax? Perhaps he should just give a presentation (not a keynote) that shows how to use Smalltalk-like features in Dart development?

  3. alejandro garcia says:

    If I remember correctly Kent Beck did a keynote in a Ruby conference. About the things that Ruby could learn from Smalltalk. So maybe not as weird as it seems?

  4. Alan Knight says:

    We have in the past also had non-Smalltalk talks, keynotes or otherwise at Smalltalk Solutions. My philosophy has always been that the talk should be of interest to Smalltalkers, not that it has to be strictly about Smalltalk, and the speaker should be able to talk about it in a way that’s appropriate for the audience, so they don’t have to waste a lot of time explaining what blocks and garbage collection are.

    Dart is a new language which borrows in a number of respects from Smalltalk (in the Lars Bak presentation that I saw he described it as having a Smalltalk object model, optimizations from self, types from Strongtalk, concurrency from Erlang, and syntax from Javascript and C), and that Google appears to be putting considerable resources behind it. That seems like enough to be interesting for a Smalltalk audience.

    We hope to be announcing our second invited talk soon. We don’t know what the other talks are going to be, because the submission deadline hasn’t happened yet. The best way to ensure good representation of excellent Smalltalk talks is to submit one!

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