VASmalltalk – IC infrastructure – slowly progress

The work on the IC headless infrastructure is going on only very slowly. Today I had to rearrange the IC structure again and it took a complete one day to get a working IC structure again – only under Windows. The work on Linux will be done, when I need it.

I had to split the large network IC into several parts:

* SstKernel – which is also pretty suitable for Smalltalk non network applications
* NetBase – the base socket communication ic for SSL communication and simple socket communication
* NetSST – more or less the whole ServerSmalltalk Framework.
* TobSocket – well, its a commercial product and therefore it should be isolated from the other stuff

I tried to create ICs for RMI calls and WebServcies, but that did not work. I posted a corresponding message on the forum at Instantiations.

I rewrote the MessagePack library available at vastgoodies to make it more VA-like and I am in the progress of adding MessagePackRPC to the list of available ICs. On top of that a simple Seaside GUI will be put to make adimistration possible.

The general idea is to have MessagePack-RPC as a base to communicate with other programming languages – the first candidate might be here C#.

Other modules will then be able to register method-names at the RPC server and then these services can be called from other languages/systems.

One of these services will be a download/upload service to make it possible to send my VASmalltalk application files from other systems (e.g. pictures).

Then additional modules like the eMan package and a gzip wrapper have to be added and then – based on this work – the work on a new demo project can be started.

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