VASmalltalk – Headless IC Infrastructure

The IC infrastructure for headless operation is growing. I added wrappers for SQLite, PostgreSQL, LibHaru, FreeImage and ODBC to the list of the generated ICs.

As mentioned in earlier posting. The creation of now 35 ICs becomes a time consuming task, if one has made changes in one of the reuseable ICs. Tool support is missing in this area and I decided to build a new tool (LineUpTool) based on the code from the MedRequiredMaprowserApp to get an overwiew, which config maps have to be changed according to the actual versions:


It shows the builing map for all 35 ICs – and you may see the red node, which indicates that there is a newer version of an application available. And this also means, that the tool is not indicationg all errors correctly to the upper root.

But at least you get the overall structure of your application and indications, where a software update is needed.

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