VASmalltalk – Sending EMail via EMan

I read at the Instantiations forum about problems sending eMails from VASmalltalk.

I would like to remember EMan, a pretty good software for sending and receiving EMails – available for free over the last 10 years !?

manager := OcEMManager new.
  smtpHostName: '...' ;
  smtpPassword: '...' ;
  smtpUserName: '...';
  returnAddress: '...'.
eMail := manager newMessage.
  from: '...' ;
  to: '...' ;
  subject: 'Hello !' ;
  message: (WriteStream on: 'Test auf nachricht').
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One Response to VASmalltalk – Sending EMail via EMan

  1. polichronis says:

    You have right and I using it for a while without problems. But from now on I have a problem with the mail server because I ‘ve change my provider. Can I use EMan with gmail ? I can not make it work.
    I ‘m using IBM VisualAge v 6.0.4.

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