VASmalltalk – SystemTimeOffset again …

As you may know from the past I had published solutions to these DataAndTime>>primitiveSystemOffset error.

Due to the fact, that this might be changed in the 8.5.2 release – but I have daylight-saving-time setting now – I changed MSKPlatformExtension to include corrected methods for Windows and Linux. With 1.24 or MSKPlatformExtension this patch is included – for both operating systems in different supapplication (to make headless packaging possible – without warnings).

To make this patch active, you have to patch your Kernel application (where DateAndTime is defined):

Copy #primitiveSystemOffset method to #primitivePrimitiveSystemOffset (which is therefore a copy of the original one):

and …

  "Answer an  representing the westward displacement of system local time
   from UTC in seconds.  The value can be betwen 0 and 86400 minutes."

  | aClass |
  ^(aClass := Smalltalk at: #MSKOperatingServices ifAbsent:[ nil ]) isNil 
    ifTrue:[  self primitivePrimitiveSystemOffset ]
    ifFalse:[ aClass MSKPrimitiveSystemOffset ]

Then you should get a corrected offset, if application MSKPlatformExtension has been loaded – otherwise you get the product (wrong) behaviour.

By the way: one could produce a patch for this problem by using ICU – delivering a solution for all supported platform. A platform independent solutions for the original primitiveSystemOffset could also be (using ICU):

^(0 - MSKLocale current offsetFromUTC asSeconds)

Which patch is a more suitable one ? The first one is a more product oriented one – just patching the error, the ICU oriented one is one I have used in my 8.5.0 Kernel – because I simply added ICU very near to the Kernel – more or less on the same level. Because UTF8, timezones and all that stuff is pretty low level and affects lots of other subsystems also.

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