VASmalltalk – Ubuntu LTS12.04/64 Bit and emsrv

After my Windows installation crashed again I decided to give Ubuntu a next try (and run Windows under VirtualBox) and installed Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Desktop) 64 Bit.

Surprise: The Linux setup program of VASmalltalk started out of the box – therefore it seems, that the desktop version of Ubuntu installed the most needed 32-bit libraries.

Then I tried to start emsrv and it complained, that some libraries were missing.

After that I tried to install the is32 library package via:

sudo apt-get install ia32-libs

but that was not enough – or perhaps even not needed – and then I installed the library actually missing via:

sudo apt-get install libpam-modules:i386

and then emsrv did start without problems.

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3 Responses to VASmalltalk – Ubuntu LTS12.04/64 Bit and emsrv

  1. Joachim says:

    Hi Marten,

    I just installed VAST 8.5 on an 12.04 LTS VM a few days ago, and I had to install the 32 bit libraries, so they are not installed on LTS out of the box. I do have a separate (SuSE) Linux Server running emsrv, so I cannot really say much about emsrv, but I wonder: do you use PAM for accessing the library / Do you login to your envy library? I haven’t seen a pasword protected VAST Library in many places, and those that have, have developped crazy work schemes to get anything done 😉 Most of the times, the password is known to many people anyways, because otherwise the project wouldn’t get anything done…

    Does emsrv really need PAM libraries even if password protection for the library is disabled?

    • schrievkrom says:

      No, I do not use PAM enabled password management at all – but it seems, that emsrv is linked to that library – and when reading about this topic some other well known tools failed to work under 64bit-Ubuntu also because of this missing library. Other Linux distributions seem to be different here (in question of WHAT is delivered).

      I installed from the Ubuntu DVD (delivered via c’t magazine) and I was really suprised to see, that I was able to start it without problems.

  2. John O'Keefe says:

    Marten –
    I will add this info to our FAQ on running VA Smalltalk on 64-bit Linux distros.
    Thanks, John

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