Working with Pharo 1.4/2.0 …

As I mentioned in my previous posting I at last have found now some time to do actually some “serious” work with Pharo.

Here are some thoughts – just to write down my first impressions:

Pharo 1.4

I do most of the stuff with Pharo 1.4 for now and here some points in the developer GUI:

* multiple selection in the browser does not work – this was pretty boring

* creating accessor methods for instance attributes is not speedy and takes too much clicks

* then I looked for a setting framework and I was really surprised to see, how difficult it was – or at least the documentation I read about it. After working with the setting framework of VASmalltalk I would prefer the simple approach than a perhaps even more powerful approach.

Pharo 2.0 and Nautilus

I also had a look at Pharo 2.0 – and I have MANY,MANY problems with its new browser: “Nautilus”. The reason for my problems is the way they create the GUI: the buttons do not show the actual state of the GUI, but they show what will happen, when the button is pressed !!!

This is a radical approach changing the whole GUI and make it very difficult to understand. Perhaps this is due to the fact, that they have no suitable GUI elements (like two state buttons) for supporting this GUI interaction.

The visual appearance is in my view always in a conflict state.

Then I look at buttons here in my home and most of these buttons are on/off buttons. The possible values of these buttons are know prior to the user – this is different to the buttons of Nautilus, where you perhaps do not know the other state ( Groups Packages ).

The on/off switch of my computer is a reverse-state button, but there is a LED light, showing the actual state of the computer and the user know how to use the button.

The on/off switch of my power-subsystem in my computer has also a two state button – but it shows the actual state (1 for on, 0 for off).

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One Response to Working with Pharo 1.4/2.0 …

  1. Thanks for the great feedback!

    This is gold for the Pharo dev community. I encourage you to bring this feedback to the dev list, or – even better – create issues, or (best option) take on a few so we can integrate them!!

    A few comments/questions:
    * multiple selection in 1.4 – consider the browser in 1.4 to be legacy. Nautilus will be the future browser in Pharo, and it will have multiple selection
    * accessor creation – will you describe what steps you took (e.g. manual creation, context menu (there are two possiblities here), etc)? If you illustrate your ideal behavior, I will create an issue and push to include it in Nautilus…
    * Settings – I find this one *really* interesting. Will you highlight the key differences to VA? Maybe we can improve the framework in Pharo, or at minimum create a UI that makes things simpler and more straightforward for you

    Re Nautilus: it is not production-ready, which is why it was not included in Pharo 1.4, but it is under heavy development by a great developer, Benjamin VanRyseghem. He is very open to this type of feedback. Specifically, I couldn’t agree more about the buttons!!! After months of using Nautilus, I /still/ have no idea whether I’m on the class or instance side.

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