VASmalltalk – Installation: What happens if …

… I do install an update (e.g. 8.5.2) and I have a minimized VA 8.5.1 running on my platform ? Ever ask you this question ? I tried it and found out, that you might end up in a full new installation.

The problem is, that the update tries to replace old files in the original installation folder – and due to that running VA 8.5.1 IDE several files are locked and can not be changed (several dynamic link libraries for example).

But the update replaces all files it can replace and you end up with a mixture of files from 8.5.1 and 8.5.2. More or less in such a situation you can not be sure, what files should be there.

The installer comes up with the information, that the update has been installed with success and if I close the installer I get an error message from Windows telling me about several incompatibilities … but with no further informations. I do not know the reason for these after-run errors.

Noticing this error you might try to install the update again – but I think, that VA stores the installation success info in the registry and you are not allowed to do an installation again.

The only way seems to be: remove the installation complete and do a full new installation or just pick all dll’s and executables from the zip file and manually copy them to the bin installation folder.

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