VASmalltalk – Daylight Saving Time and ICU support

To get rid of these problems with DST I changed the startUp of ICU

  | estzd |
  MSKLocale clearCurrent.
  "Patching the errors in 8.5.2 - does nothing on earlier releases"
  "nicer way - thanks to Tom Koschate"
  estzd := 'EsTimeZoneDatabase' abrAsClass.
  estzd notNil ifTrue:[
    estzd singleton notNil 
      ifTrue:[ estzd singleton 
                 defaultLocation: UCalendar getDefaultTimeZone 
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3 Responses to VASmalltalk – Daylight Saving Time and ICU support

  1. Tom Koschate says:

    You can send #abrAsClass to a string to get nil or the real class. However, in practice, you’ll find that you need to include the TimeZones app in order to package (I’ve opened case INST50031 on this).

  2. Tom Koschate says:

    I appreciate the mention, but could I impose on you to spell my name correctly? :{)

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