VASmalltalk – Finding Ghostview Installation

If you ever have to work with the Windows Registry under VASmalltalk consider buying the Registry Library. It worth its price without even thinking about it.

Here the simple source to get the path of the gsprint.exe tool, which is needed to print a pdf file to a Windows printer:

| registryNode registryNodeKeys versionKey baseDirectory |
registryNode := RegistryNode 
                    localMachineSubNodeName: 'Software\Ghostgum\Gsview'.
registryNode exists ifFalse:[ ^nil ].
(registryNodeKeys := registryNode keys asOrderedCollection) isEmpty 
   ifTrue:[ ^nil ].
versionKey := registryNodeKeys first.

(baseDirectory := registryNode at: versionKey ifAbsent:[ nil ]) isNil 
   ifTrue:[ ^nil ].
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