Gemstone/S – PUM 01.02.08

I’ve noticed, that the way via Topaz is pretty time consuming: export generated source code, transfer to remote server and then local import via Topaz.

But actually there is a much better way. Copy the generated source code into the clipboard, switch to Jade (which is connected to the remote server), open an empty Workspace, paste the stuff into that Workspace, select all and then do a “FileIn” – and I was not aware, that the expected source code format in this window is: Topaz. Fine

In the 01.02.08 I added a little “Copy all to Clipboard” button to make the whole procedure a little bit faster.

Another stuff I added in this version:

* in some generated source code of methods I used temp variable names which are not that unusual. Actually I got error while compiling my project. Therefore I switch to temp method variable names beginning with an “_”.

* I now created additional methods on the class side of the project class about the model version, the model creation time, the model last saving time, the generator software version.

* most of domain classes in my project have an instance variable named “id”. In REST URL paths there might be a need (for swagger specs) to add the name of the parameter into a path like “/gwc/system/{id}”. When different “id”s of different classes are used the supported framework will not work. Therefore I added method returning extended names to be used in this case like: “/gwc/system/{SystemId}/user/{UserID}”


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