Gemstone/S – PUM 01.02.26

Thanks to James Foster there is now no problem anymore to transfer large source content via jade to Gemstone. Its available in the latest version of Jade.

The last posting had been done for 01.02.08 – where are we now:

-> I changed the enumeration structure to add a comment value to each enumeration entry.

-> Now its possible to mark a special enumeration class definition as error definition enumeration. The comment entry is then the US content of that error message. PUM generates source code to have easier access to all various error messages from REST-Call classes and the main service class.

-> Initial generation of testing Javascript source code to model the Sencha ExtJS4 model definition. This is just a testing phase to look how to support base ExtJS4 and Sencha Architect.

-> Now its possible to create Array based definition for instance variables to base types (String, Integer, …). Therefore we had to change the Swagger support also.

-> Generation of testing Neo-CSV support code …

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